high quality Yestech 4mm black FACE LED tiles


Visual Resolution: Actual 4mm, high bright LED display

Brightness: 4500 NIT

LED configuration: 3 in 1 SMD Black Face LED

Viewing Angle: (Hor. 160Β°, Vert. 120Β°) Optimal viewing conditions are guaranteed for all viewers. Irrespective of which direction the sunshine falls on the screen or where viewers sit within an arena, they are all ensured of the best quality image.

Contrast ratio: 6000:1 at 200 lux

Processing: 16 bit processing results in even greater color depth and uniformity, allowing the display to show vibrant images with even deeper and more uniform colors across the entire surface of the display.

Colors: 4.4 trillion

Refresh rate: 2000 Hz (PAL / NTSC), much more stable and there is no loss of visual information when using the camera for broadcasting.

Ruggedness: IP 65 certification front, each module is dust and weather proof allowing the screen to be used in harsh outdoor environments. IP 54 rear.

Production: Modular design allowing almost any shape and size to be built. Can be stacked off the floor or hung from a structure above. This allows for our screens to be used in most indoor and outdoor locations.

Input Compatibility: RGBHV / RGBS / RGsB computer video, Component video (std or HDTV), S-video, or Composite Video.

Rugged Replaceable Shaders: Shaders are made from a new impact proof, two-component material making them much more rugged and less prone to breakage. Should damage occur, then shaders can now be easily replaced in the field.

Ultra high brightness: The Yestech 5 delivers a brightness of 6000 NIT. This results in the perfect solution for all outdoor LED applications.

Panel Size: 500mm x 500mm x 73mm

Panel Weight: 6.4kg        

Panel Resolution: 104 pixels x 104 pixels